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TESP - an Alternative Sentencing Program
that Utilized the Transcendental Stress Management
 Program for Offender Rehabilitation

A note of appreciation to all who made The Enlightened Sentencing Project the great success that it was, from Ruffina Farrokh Anklesaria, M.A., former TESP Project Manager and Director of TESP, and wife of the Founder of the TESP, the late Farrokh K. Anklesaria, Esq:

"I am grateful to the many people who supported the work of my Beloved husband, the late Farrokh K. Anklesaria, Esq., as he fulfilled his mission, given to him by his spiritual Master, His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Maharishi never withdrew his support for Farrokh's lifelong work, neither did he ever ask him to close The Enlightened Sentencing Project. In fact, he was very proud of Farrokh's work on his behalf.

"I shall be forever thankful to those who served as Directors on the Board of The Enlightened Sentencing Project, particularly Founding Director Dr. John Sterling, who was there from beginning to end; Frank Popper, who was there for many years; and David Magill, who was a dedicated Assistant to Farrokh for many years, even from the days when Farrokh was a faculty member of Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa.

"Over the years we had many supporters, but some stood out more than others because of how concretely they gave their support. I warmly appreciate the financial assistance and guidance given by the late Dr. Gil Younger Sr., and his All Is One Committee; by our wise and dear friend Jerry Jarvis, former head of the TM movement in America; by Phil Santoni, James D. Pearson, Vincent Huening, Michael Blake, Jonas Magram, Susan Gail, Phil Anderson,  and many others who helped TESP financially for many years.

"Many volunteers also made TESP as successful as it was. Teachers who taught the Transcendental Meditation technique gave of their time to teach, especially in the early years of the Project. Among those who taught were Jane Kaberere and Francis Mosse. Francis also taught me the rudiments of website design which enabled me to maintain the TESP website over the years.

"Other volunteers helped keep the TESP going. These included Sally Hezel who attended classes and assisted Farrokh for many years; Lawrence Adams for telling his moving and heart-rending stories to new probationers at the TESP orientations, time after time, and for assisting with TESP classes every week. There were many TESP graduates who came back to inspire new TESP students. I am grateful to them all.

"TESP benefitted from computer and technical assistance from Anosh Wadia for many years. We also had videography done by Frank Popper and photography done by Vince Huening.

"I am also grateful to all the Judges and Probation and Parole Officers who had the courage, especially in the earlier years, to try the TESP as an alternative sentencing program. Now that meditation is considered "mainstream," it makes it difficult to appreciate how much it took for the Judges concerned to try something completely out of the box like the Transcendental Stress Management program."











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The Enlightened Sentencing Project was a 501 (c) 3 organization
and was not affiliated with the national Transcendental Meditation organization.