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An Alternative Sentencing Program
utilizing the Transcendental Stress Management
SM (TSMSM ) program for Rehabilitation and Criminal Justice Reform



We have compiled a 180-page book entitled "The Enlightened Sentencing Project, 1997 to 2005" which will soon be published.  The spiral-bound version is currently available at a cost of $30.00 plus shipping.  (You can order a copy of the book in advance).

It includes information on the following:

  • Founding

  • Mission Statement

  • Non-profit Status

  • Classes Offered

  • Demographics

  • Board of Directors

  • Advisory Board

  • Staff

  • Endorsements from Five Judges

  • Endorsement from Senator the Hon. Rita Heard Days of the Missouri Senate

  • Endorsements from Four Probation and Parole Officers

  • Ongoing Research on TESP Participants, 2001 and 2005, and a copy of a slide presentation on the latter

  • A Word from the Directors, Farrokh K. Anklesaria and Ruffina F. Anklesaria, M.A.

  • Course Completion Essays from 75 of the TESP graduates

  • TESP Contact Information

  • Materials Available on TESP.

How to Order

You can send us an email indicating what you would like to order this book and we will calculate postage and the cost of your shipment.  Or you can go directly to our webpage to authorize the transaction "plus postage".   Payment by credit card on our website is a safe transaction. Click here  to make the payment.  (All prices are quoted in US dollars).


Rush Delivery

We can "rush deliver your order by courier to any part of the world.  For urgent handling of your order (shipment within 24 hours) there is a $10.00 extra charge.

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