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TESP - an Alternative Sentencing Program
that Utilized the Transcendental Stress Management
 Program for Offender Rehabilitation


Materials that Were Offered by the TESP on Order

Orders for Videotapes and  Information Packages

The following videotapes on The Enlightened Sentencing Project  are available in VHS at a cost of $35.00 each (not including postage).   Tapes can also be ordered in PAL mode at an additional cost.

All tapes are copyrighted by TESP and duplication is prohibited.

  • Ref. #1 - Interviews with Judges, Probation and Parole Officers, Probationers, and the Executive Director of TESP Feb 2002, 21 minutes. 

  • Ref. #2 - Hon. Judge David C. Mason on the Relationship between Stress and Criminal Behavior.  May 2000. 30 minutes.

  • Ref. #3 - Fifth Graduation of The Enlightened Sentencing Project September 25, 2001, 1 hour. 

    Featuring Guest of Honor, Hon. Justice Laura D. Stith of the Supreme Court of Missouri; testimonies of 17 graduates; remarks by Hon. Judge Anna C Forder and Hon. Judge Henry E. Autrey;  addresses by Hon. Judge David C. Mason, Farrokh and Ruffina Anklesaria of TESP.

  • Ref: #4 - 12-minute presentation by Judge Henry E. Autrey of the 22nd Judicial Circuit of Missouri.

    Judge Autrey suggests that his colleagues start the practice of TSM themselves and adopt the TESP program in their sentencing.

  • Ref. #5 - Inaugural Celebration of The Enlightened Sentencing Project. Oct 24, 1996, 52 minutes. 

    This is a bumper tape that includes all of the following:

The Inaugural Celebration 
featuring Guest of Honor the Hon. Stephen N. Limbaugh, Jr., current Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri; and Hon. Judge David C. Mason, Founding Judge of The Enlightened Sentencing Project.
Press Conference on Violent Crime
Washington DC, July 19, 1996, with  Hon.  Judge David C. Mason, 7 minutes

Television Interviews with Hon. Judge David C. Mason
March 1996, 11 minutes.


TESP Information Packages

TESP packages of materials are available at a cost of $15.00 per package.  This package contains: 

  • A sampling of essays from graduates of TESP

  • Four introductory leaflets on The Enlightened Sentencing Project with testimonies from four judges and five probationers, scientific research and an introduction to TESP

  • Beautiful golden booklet on the Inaugural Celebration of TESP

  • Booklet on A Proven Program for our Criminal Justice System

  • 13-page excerpt from Criminal Law Journal 2000, on Deterrence, Rehabilitation and Human Nature: The Need for a Holistic Approach to Offenders

  • Relevant newspaper articles

  • Letter of endorsement from Hon. Judge David C. Mason

  • Curriculum vitae and business card of Farrokh K. Anklesaria, Executive Director of TESP 



We have compiled a book entitled "The Enlightened Sentencing Project, 1997 to 2005".  A spiral-bound copy is available at a cost of $45.00 plus shipping.  See the Table of Contents by clicking here.



How to Order
You can send us an email indicating what you would like to order and we will calculate postage and the cost of your shipment.  We will send you a Request that will enable you to pay online using your credit card.


Rush Delivery

We can send by courier to any part of the world.  For urgent handling of your order there is a $10.00 extra charge.













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The Enlightened Sentencing Project was a 501 (c) 3 organization
and was not affiliated with the national Transcendental Meditation organization.