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TESP - an Alternative Sentencing Program
that Utilized the Transcendental Stress Management®
 Program for Offender Rehabilitation


TESP Directors, from left: Farrokh K. Anklesaria, Esq., and Dr John Sterling,
meditating with Probation and Parole Officer  Bill Montgomery
at a TESP meeting, 2009


Newsletters from the Desks of Farrokh & Ruffina Anklesaria

Following are summaries of our newsletters recording our achievements over the years. 

With very best wishes,

Farrokh & Ruffina


Summer 2009, 2nd Newsletter

  • From Probationer to Adjunct Professor, Andrew, a TESP graduate, goes on to get his Bachelor's degree, Master's degree, and to become an Adjunct Professor.

  • Judge Mason and Farrokh Anklesaria are invited to Andrew's graduation.

  • Andrew now volunteers with TESP.


Summer 2009

Turning lives around, one at a time. The story of Demetrius G.


Fall 2006

  • Fifty-five new TESP graduates.

  • Address by Joe M., TESP graduate and probationer, to federal Probation Officers.

  • TESP graduates address incoming offenders about to start the TESP program.

  • TESP's distinguished Advisory Board.

  • Address by Hon. Judge David C. Mason to federal Probation Officers, November 2006; his prediction for TESP.

  • Address by Hon. Judge Henry E. Autrey to federal Probation Officers, October 2006, United States District Judge, Eastern District of Missouri. Highlights:
    TESP - an Effective Sentencing Tool for Judges
    High Recidivism among Probationers
    Recidivism Statistics on TESP Participants
    Significantly Lower Recidivism Rate
    Treating What’s Inside
    Obviating Negative Personality Traits with TSM
    Personal Benefits of Practicing the TSM Program
    Incredible Experiences
    TSM’s Effect on the Lives and Work of Probation and Parole Officers
    Clearer Thinking and More Energy
    More Effective Supervision of Clients
    Thinking "Outside the Box”

  • Dr. Gyanendra Mahapatra, M.D., B.B.A., long-standing instructor in Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhis program, joins the TESP Advisory Board.

  • TESP graduates collectively thank Hon. Judge David C. Mason with a bronze plaque.

  • Good news from Ohio - a young offender gets a stay in sentencing for two weeks while the presiding judge reviews the TESP materials.

  • The TESP program - a powerful tool to fight addictions; quotes from recovered addicts/graduates of TESP.

  • Special thanks to our volunteers and donors.

  • Donate to the TESP Annual Fund and make a difference to an offender, his family and the community.


Summer 2005

  • Hon. Michael A. Wolff, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Missouri to attend TESP's Eighth Graduation.  Guests include Senator the Hon. Rita Days of the Missouri Senate and several judges associated with TESP.

  • 40 graduates expected at the Eighth Graduation on August 29th, 2005.

  • New TESP Advisory Board member, Hon. Lisa VanAmburg of the Judicial Circuit court of St Louis, Missouri.

  • Endorsement from Hon. Judge Lisa VanAmburg.

  • TESP's new Treasurer, AnneLuise Montgomery, J.D., M.B.A.

  • Invitation to TESP's Eighth Graduation.


Fall 2004 - Seventh Graduation

  • Experiences of new graduates

  • Guests

  • Keynote address by Hon. Judge David C. Mason

  • TESP Award to Hon. Judge Henry E. Autrey

  • Guest of Honor, Hon. Judge Henry E. Autrey

  • Certificates

  • Hon. Judge Philip Heagney

  • Hon. Judge Thomas Russell of Illinois

  • TESP research by Dr John Sterling

  • Overview of TESP, Mr. David Magill

  • Probation Officers from St Louis and Illinois

  • Reception

  • Website updated

  • Thanks

Spring 2004 - TESP goes to Illinois

  • Quote from Maharishi

  • Quote from Hon. Judge Russell

  • Experience of TESP graduate

  • Introducing TESP to Illinois

  • Distinguished Guests

  • Congratulatory Letters:
    Hon. Justice Michael Wolff
    Hon. Judge Henry E. Autrey
    Hon. Judge Anna C. Forder
    Hon. Judge Philip Heagney

  • Introductory Remarks

  • Hon. Judge Thomas Russell

  • Keynote Address by Hon. Judge David C. Mason

  • TESP overview by David Magill

  • Probation and Parole Officers

  • Auspicious Day

  • Acknowledgements


Archived Newsletters - 2001 to 2003

Fall/Winter 2003 - Sixth Graduation

  • Maharishi on Rehabilitation

  • Graduate's Experience

  • Sixth Graduation

  • Keynote Speaker Hon. Judge David C.Mason

  • Hon. Judge Phillip Heagney

  • Hon. Judge Henry Autrey

  • Hon. Judge Anna Forder

  • Congratulatory messages

  • David Magill on Scientific Research

  • Graduates' Essays

  • Graduation Photos

  • New center

  • TESP in Journal of Offender Rehabilitation

  • Magistrate Dr Michael King
        Paper on
    Geraldton Alternative Sentencing Regime (GASR)
        Review of GASR
        Meeting with Chief Justice
        Article in Ratio Juris

  • Thanks from TESP

  • Crime touches us all

  • Sponsorship

  • TESP mailing address



Summer/Fall 2002 Newsletter

  • Quote from Maharishi

  • News Highlights

  • Hon. Judge Thomas Russell, Illinois

  • Probationer Larry H's experience

  • Probation Officer Jolene Daley

  • Review of Geraldton Alternative Sentencing Regime (GASR)

  • Congratulations

  • Hon. Judge Henry Autrey

  • Senator Rita Days

  • Happy Thanksgiving



Spring 2002 Newsletter

  • Article in "Globe & Mail", Canada

  • TESP's new logo as a result of competition

  • Judge Heagney's letter

  • Judge Mason visits Dominica

  • Next group ready to start

  • Opportunity for philanthropist

  • Research required

  • Probationer promoted

  • Meeting of Probation Officers

  • Endorsements from Probation Officers



Winter/Spring 2002 Newsletter

  • Two new TESP Judges

  • New TESP videotape

  • New Advisory Board Members

  • NPR radio interview

  • German Article on TESP

  • Magistrate King's visit

  • Meeting with Chief Justice of Missouri

  • Receptions for Magistrate  King

  • Address by Magistrate King

  • Videotapes

  • TESP Information Packages

  • How to Order



Fall  2001 Newsletter - Fifth Graduation

  • Judges represented at Fifth Graduation

  • Congratulations

  • Guests

  • Presentations

  • Preliminary Research on The Enlightened Sentencing Project

  • Experiences of TESP Graduates

  • Keynote address

  • Certificates and awards

  • Cake-cutting ceremony

  • Vote of thanks

  • Post-graduation comments



Summer 2001 Newsletter

  • Associated Press article

  • Judges utilizing The Enlightened Sentencing Project

  • Visit to California

  • Next graduation

  • Australian initiative

  • Congratulations

  • "Adopt-a-probationer"








"It is a very opportune time when the experienced people in the field of law have begun to realize that something may be added in the realm of law to fulfill that long-felt need to strengthen and make law capable of really producing order everywhere, in every country, in every culture, so as to make the family of nations really rise to evolutionary trends of life and establish perfect order for everyone."


" The evidence is that this technique of meditation, consistently and conscientiously practiced, can transform lives permanently for the better."

Hon. Judge Thomas Russell
Apr 22, 2004


The Transcendental Stress Management program that probationers learn in the Enlightened Sentencing Project seemed to give many of them an ability that they had rarely experienced or used before, namely, the ability to organize their thinking and to consider their choices from a calm perspective rather than from a perspective of confusion and instability

Hon. Judge Philip

March 15, 2002



If we can teach people to use abilities which they already have within them but which they have not yet developed, then we give them the strength to make many other difficult changes.  If they don’t learn how to draw on their own mental resources, it is not surprising that drug treatment, basic education, vocational training, counseling and the other programs we offer them often fail to bring about more than short-term changes.

Hon. Judge Philip

March 15, 2002


The use by judges of Transcendental Stress Management as a sentencing tool in drug courts and domestic violence courts has enormous potential for reducing stress, a major factor in criminal activity, thereby producing calm and order in the life of the individual defendant.  Demonstrated effects include a more peaceful disposition, freedom from addictions and elimination of the impulse to solve problems with violence.” 

Hon. Judge Thomas Russell
November 12, 2002


 When I started my journey through the criminal justice system at the age of 22, until now I have never been given the benefit or opportunity of rehabilitation.  I was always incarcerated.  Transcendental Stress Management  has helped me with stress and the anger inside me.  I used to smoke cigarettes and since meditation I have quit.

Larry H.
 October  2002








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