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TESP - an Alternative Sentencing Program
that Utilized the Transcendental Stress Management®
 Program for Offender Rehabilitation


From left: TESP Directors, Ruffina F. Anklesaria and Dr John Sterling; and
Bill Montgomery, TESP/Probation and Parole Office Liaison Office,
at a TESP class

3 31 09

Dear Friends,

We are happy to highlight yet another outstanding essay from a gentleman, Mr. Demitrius G., who came to TESP, sent by a St Louis county judge.  It is to be noted that the sentencing judge is not one of the regular judges using the TESP program.  It seems that the good work done by the TESP judges is encouraging other judges to follow their example.  We have not met the judge in question neither have we approached him on our program.  A similar trend is also taking place among the probation officers who are sending us their clients simply from hearing of the results of other offenders.

Demitrius' Probation Officer reports that since Demitrius has been going through the TESP program, she has noticed a big difference in his attitude and is much easier to deal with.  When Demitirus came to the TESP orientation, his behavior was so obnoxious that I refused to take him in my class.   He, however, hung around my office until I relented and accepted him. 

His essay is another testimony to the profound benefits our clients enjoy when they attend all our classes.  Demitrius will graduate on the coming Thursday.  Everyone is proud of him!

We are only able to continue our work with clients like Demitrius thanks to the unwavering support of benefactors of The Enlightened Sentencing Project.  We warmly appreciate it and Demitrius, his family, friends and co-workers, as well as the larger community, are all benefiting from your gift of a "new life" to Demitrius. 

With very best wishes,

Farrokh & Ruffina


Name:  Demitrius G.                                                                     
March 31, 2009                                                                                                    
Age:  35 yrs     

The “Transcendental Stress Management Program” has added a new sense of peace and self-confidence in my life.  Being a man of faith I found myself skeptical of the program in the beginning and the benefits that the program could offer, however after giving TSM a try I began to see the benefits of meditating on a regular basis.  After applying the technique I started to notice a deeper sense of self, a new-found peace, and a deeper appreciation for my family and the role that they play in my life. 
With respect to a sense of self, I mean that I began to look within myself for the answers to the questions that life presented to me.  I found that with meditation I have the ability to maintain peace regardless of the situation that I am faced with.  The connectivity that was spoken of in the introductory portion of the class, I began to feel.  I noticed that with my new-found sense of self, people respond to me differently and I connect with people who view the world from the same perspective.
The peace that I have found since beginning the practice of TSM has been astonishing.  Since beginning the practice of TSM I have noticed that I am not moved by the emotions that the world tries to force upon me.  I have noticed that external forces do not move me as much as they did before; however, before, I would have the tendency to meet emotions with emotions, force with force, like emotion with like emotion.  Now after applying the TSM process in my life, I am not moved by the forces of the world.  I am able to rise above the emotions of the world and inject some peace into the lives that I encounter on a daily basis.
With all that said, I have a renewed sense of family and my role in it.  I have always been a family man yet before TSM I would be willing to gamble to advance my family.  However, after TSM, I have come to realize and respect that there is nothing more precious than my family and my responsibility as the head of the household.  I now respect the fact that I set the tone for my household. I think that during the first twelve years of my marriage that I discounted my role as head of my home.  Yet, after dealing with the legal system, and finding TSM, I now have a true understanding of the role that I play and the responsibility that I have in guiding my family in the right direction.
TSM has reconnected me to nature and all that dwells within it.  I can truly say that TSM has been a godsend in my life because after straying away from my core beliefs, this is what I needed to put my life back in line/check.  So with that, I say thank you to Mr. Anklesaria for bringing TSM to St. Louis, and helping a confused soul to be restored again.  Many thanks and blessings to Mr. Anklesaria and his teacher, the Maharishi, because with them and their teachings in my life, I can truly say that I feel empowered to face all the challenges that life presents and overcome them.  Lastly, I would like to thank the powers that be for placing me in this class so that I may obtain all of the benefits it offers.        










"It is a very opportune time when the experienced people in the field of law have begun to realize that something may be added in the realm of law to fulfill that long-felt need to strengthen and make law capable of really producing order everywhere, in every country, in every culture, so as to make the family of nations really rise to evolutionary trends of life and establish perfect order for everyone."








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