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TESP - an Alternative Sentencing Program
that Utilized the Transcendental Stress Management®
 Program for Offender Rehabilitation

Dear Friends and Supporters of The Enlightened Sentencing Project:

We are happy to bring you current news of our work here in St Louis with offenders and probationers sent by the courts.

Fifty-five new TESP graduates

Fifty-five offenders recently graduated from the TESP program.  The men and women coming through the TESP program continue to have life-changing benefits and report these in their very inspiring course-completion essays.  Our clients are as young as 19 years, right up to offenders in their 60s.  Our clients are mixed, racially, with the majority being African-American males between the ages of 20 to 50.  Some of our clients are homeless or illiterate.  Some come to us as a last resort after going through the gamut of courses and programs traditionally used by the courts.

Address by Joe M., TESP graduate and probationer, to federal Probation Officers

Recently, Joe M. a 44 year old probationer gave a beautiful talk to a group of Federal Probation Officers.  Joe described his career of crime from the time he was a juvenile and the numerous times he had been to prison.  This time he was brought from prison for sentencing before the Hon. Judge Lisa Van Amburg. 

Joe said: "My 76 year old mother was sitting in court crying for the umpteenth time while I was being sentenced.  I expected a 20 year sentence when to my surprise Judge Amburg showed me some mercy and placed me in the TESP program." He then told his spellbound listeners of the numerous benefits he had experienced in his health and at work since being involved in the TESP program.

"Before I started meditating I had really bad acid indigestion and acid reflux but since starting this program I haven't taken any Zantac or any of that.  My family gets migraine headaches and although I wouldn't get them too bad, every once in a while I'd get them. I don't get them any more."
"I never really had any friends before. I only had associates that I dealt drugs with or did crimes with.  But I never really had any true friends.  Thanks to this program I am making friends and meeting business contacts. I am kidding the people at Schnucks where I work that I'am going to be store manager by the time I am 45, which is next year.  So I've a lot of work to do.  I worked at Schnucks for a year and then I went to prison.  When I got out I got my job back.  Now I've been there since December 5 of last year. I was just selected as "Associate of the Month " at my store and everyone at work says that this is one of the quickest times they've seen anyone get this nomination."

"My mother is very proud of me.  I take her to ball games now.  She stood by me every time I went to prison.  She sent me money and she's been there for me every time and I'll always love her and appreciate her for that."

"I've written letters to the editors of newspapers about this program. I'd write to the President if I thought it would help get more people down here for this program.   It's been a miracle for me. My mom thinks some aliens came and got her son and put someone else in his place!"


TESP graduates address incoming offenders about to start the TESP program

A new TESP course for offenders in St Louis starts about every six weeks.  Typically, past graduates of TESP enthusiastically volunteer to talk to those newcomers who are required to attend our Orientation.  These volunteers do a remarkable job telling the new offenders how their lives changed dramatically after going through TESP's Transcendental Stress Management program.  Their stories are so compelling that in almost all cases the newcomer signs up for the next TESP course.  Volunteers like Lawrence A.  speak in the language of our grassroots clientele and convey the message like no one else can, colorfully and vividly!  It is always a delight to find the skeptical newcomers make a complete turnaround in their attitude after hearing Lawrence, Joe and others talk to  them.  It is as if the testimony of their own "brother" had made all the difference!


TESP's distinguished Advisory Board

Some of TESP's Advisory Board Members at the Anklesarias' home recently: the Hon Chief Justice Michael Wolff (2nd from left) of the Supreme Court of Missouri, with Hon. Judge Lisa Van Amburg (left), Hon. Judge Philip Heagney (rt), Derald Gab, JD (2nd from rt), and Farrokh.

The TESP has an outstanding Advisory Board, led by Hon. Chief Justice Michael A. Wolff of the Supreme Court of Missouri.  Under the guidance of our esteemed Advisory Board, the TESP is making strides in the field of rehabilitation.  Recently, founding TESP judges, Hon. Judge Henry E. Autrey (federal level) and Hon. Judge David C. Mason, took time out of their busy schedules to address a group of federal Probation Officers on the benefits of the TESP program.  In his talk, Judge Autrey described how he got involved in using the TESP program for his offenders and why the federal Probation and Parole Department should  use the Transcendental Stress Management program.  


Hon. Judge David C. Mason
Founding Judge of TESP

Address by Hon. Judge David C. Mason to federal Probation Officers, November 2006
Judge Mason, in his talk to the Probation Officers, brought out the connection between stress and criminal behavior.  He richly illustrated his talk with numerous examples as to how stress leads to crime.  He emphasized the simplicity and the universality of the TESP program as a tool of criminal rehabilitation. 

"This whole concept of helping people enhance their stress-coping skills is without a doubt the missing link of criminal rehabilitation.  Now I'm not going to "over-promise" it.  I never have.  This isn't going to be able to get rid of all crime.  But, you betcha, you guys are going to find a huge chunk of your probationers that hadn't been making it before start making it because you sent them to something that enables them to normalize their stress-coping skills.  I have been staking my career on that for 10 years. 

You know, I've been telling reporters, left and right, 'you show me something out there that's anywhere near as effective!  You disprove me if you dare!'  You know, nobody has even come close.  I said 'I can tell you right now I haven't had but three guys in 10 years who went through this program and failed to complete their probation.  Go ask the other judges who are using the TESP program.  They will tell you the same thing.  So, in my view, you guys are embarking on something very very secure, something that has been studied a whole lot better. 

So, I guess that's the sum and substance as to why I, as a judge, initiated this program:  the recognition of the fact that the vast majority of criminal offenders are people who need to be able to normalize their stress-coping skills and the knowledge that the TSM program will enable them to do just that.  I also think it is a solution to the huge amount of domestic violence that occurs in our country."

Prediction by Judge Mason on TESP

Continuing his address to federal Probation Officers in November, Judge Mason closed his brilliant talk with this prediction:  "My prediction for the next 10 years is that you guys will use it.  You will see results like all the other POs have seen.  Once you start seeing these results, you'll write up the reports that you guys are required to write up and somebody above you will scrutinize them and question you about this program.  Eventually, it will get to the point that the policy-makers "green-light" it.

Once it is "green-lighted" it's going to become a standard part of how we do criminal rehabilitation and it's going to spread to the prison system.  If we still have crime in this country to a certain degree, then it will drop significantly.  This is a prediction that I make, not because I am clairvoyant or I had a dream, I am just a logical person.  Seeing what we have done, I have looked at the scientific studies.  Every time I've told a Probation and Parole Officer or a judge to just go ahead and take a shot at it, I think you're going to see the same results they've all seen in every case, bar none!  And you guys are going to see it in your offenders!"



Address by Hon. Judge Henry E. Autrey to federal Probation Officers, October 2006


Hon. Judge Henry E. Autrey
United States District Judge, Eastern District of Missouri

On October 18, 2006, Hon. Judge Henry E. Autrey addressed a group of Federal Probation and Parole Officers about The Enlightened Sentencing Project (TESP) and the Transcendental Stress Management (TSM) program. Here are highlights of his talk:

  • TESP - an Effective Sentencing Tool for Judges

  • High Recidivism among Probationers

  • Recidivism Statistics on TESP Participants

  • Significantly Lower Recidivism Rate

  • Treating What’s Inside

  • Obviating Negative Personality Traits with TSM

  • Personal Benefits of practicing the TSM program

  • Incredible Experiences

  • TSM’s Effect on the Lives and Work of Probation and Parole Officers

  • Clearer Thinking and More Energy

  • More Effective Supervision of Clients

  • Thinking "Outside the Box”

Judge Autrey explained that shortly after his friend and colleague, Hon. Judge David C. Mason,  started using the TESP as an alternative sentencing program with his probationers, he did the same.  Read more of Judge Autrey's address here.


Dr. Gyanendra Mahapatra, M.D., B.B.A.,  joins the TESP Advisory Board

We are happy to announce that Dr Gyanendra Mahapatra, M.D., BBA, has joined the TESP Advisory Board. Dr Mahapatra is a medical doctor and oncologist and was born in Orissa, India. Dr Mahapatra has enjoyed a long and intimate relationship with His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi over many years. Dr Mahapatra became a teacher of the TM program many years ago and throughout his distinguished career as a TM teacher, got his instructions directly from Maharishi. Like Farrokh, Dr Mahapatra was Maharishi's Ambassador to many Heads of State and was responsible for initiating and organizing projects in countries in Africa and Asia. He is a trained teacher of the TM-Sidhi program and recruited and trained more than 7,000 young pandits in India, under Maharishi's direction - a unique and unprecedented achievement! Dr Mahapatra has the further distinction of having taught more people the TM-Sidhis in the world than anyone except Maharishi himself! Dr Mahapatra brings with him a lifetime of experience teaching TM in India and other countries around the world. His organizing ability in conducting large-scale projects, will be a boon to TESP.

Dr Mahapatra is an exceptionally qualified and distinguished teacher and the TESP will be greatly enriched by his experience and wisdom. We warmly welcome Dr Mahapatra to the TESP Advisory Board.


TESP graduates collectively thank Hon. Judge David C. Mason with a bronze plaque

Have you ever heard of an offender or a group of offenders actually thanking their judge for the "punishment" he has given to them?  Well, this is precisely what happened recently with a group of TESP offenders.  The last group of probationers, upon completing their course with TESP, collectively thanked Judge Mason and presented him with a beautiful bronze plaque which now adorns the wall in Judge Mason's chambers.  The plaque bears the following words of appreciation:

"Presented to Hon. Judge David C. Mason, 22nd Judicial Court of Missouri, in recognition of your distinguished service, loyalty and devotion to the ideals of The Enlightened Sentencing Project."

Below these words are the names of all the probationers who arranged and presented this thoughtful gift to Judge Mason.  We are very proud that our graduates honored Judge Mason in this way.



Good news from Ohio - a young offender gets a stay in sentencing for two weeks while the presiding judge reviews the TESP materials

Earlier this week a TM teacher from Ohio, intervened on behalf of a young offender, offering the TESP program as a last recourse to a judge. The boy, had several previous brushes with the law.  The judge was at his wit's end with the offender and wondered aloud what more he should do with the boy.  He was about to sentence him.  The TM teacher pleaded with the judge to please review the TESP materials and to give the offender a chance (the TM teacher is not a lawyer and the boy had no legal representation whatsoever).

The judge was very skeptical at first.  He looked at the name "The Enlightened Sentencing Project" and commented that people come with all types of requests for sentencing to be "enlightened", and found the name TESP to be a good one!  He started reviewing the detailed brief prepared by the TM teacher from the TESP website and changed his mind about sentencing the offender after reading the endorsements from the judges and Senator Days!  He gave a stay of 2 weeks to properly review our materials!!  In the meantime, the offender is free, and is going to be instructed in TM and follow the program outlined by the TESP on our website.  The offender's family will also donate to TESP to sponsor one or two probationers, in gratitude for their son's freedom!

We are happy that the TESP is able to be a useful resource for any offender in need.

We continue to keep the TESP doors open for everyone, but this is only made possible because of your support.  We wanted to let you know that people like the young offender above, actually gain their freedom with the TESP program.  In a concrete way, our donors make many families happy by sponsoring an enlightened rehabilitation program.


The TESP program - a powerful tool to fight addictions; quotes from recovered addicts/graduates of TESP

The best news we have to give you is the amazing success stories we continue to have with the TESP clients who come to us. Not only is the program a holistic program improving all aspects of the life of the offender, but as the following excerpts from some of the essays show, it helps the offender to fight addictions and stay away from alcohol and drugs.  Since most crimes are in some way related to offenders taking drugs and alcohol the TSM program is a boon for not only the offender, but for the community as a whole.  Here is what our current batch of TESP graduates have to say:

Kevin M., 19-year old male: "TSM has helped my life in several aspects.  Before I started the program, I used to take codeine on a daily basis.  Then I started to realize that I could use TSM instead of codeine.  I believe this could be a drug treatment program as well as a stress treatment program.  I have been to drug rehab programs.  None of them helped me.  I was in the "New Beginnings" program for 14-17 year olds.  I got nothing out of it.  But I then came to TESP and I could use meditation instead of drugs.  I think the judges should be using this program for drug rehabilitation."

M.B., 25-year old male: 
"I feel the effects from the meditation...My drug use of marijuana has stopped."

Edward J., 45-years old:
"I come from a very bad environment.  It's very stressful to grow up under these circumstances.  So the first way I seen (sic) out, I took it.  With me it was drugs.  Drugs gave me a false sense of confidence.  Since starting TSM classes, I have stopped using drugs.  It was an effortless thing for me to do."

Charles B., 26 years old:
"I have been in a lot of drug programs but this class has helped me more than any of them programs!  Meditation has helped me quit doing drugs [cocaine].  It helped me think more clearly.  I choose the right thing to do instead of making bad choices.  When I think about buying or doing drugs, I just close my eyes and begin to meditate.   Then the thought is gone and I can go do something else with the money I was going to spend on drugs. 

Hollis W., 30 years old:
"I was using marijuana heavily, which was causing me problems with my Probation Officer.  When I got into meditation, I found no need for the use of drugs anymore.  I also found a job that I enjoy and I have been clean and working ever since."

K.G., 19-year old female:
"I used to smoke like a pack of Newports for like three years.  But since I started meditating I quit "cold turkey"! I told myself that cigarettes wasn't me it was a waste of money and not even worth it.  I find myself growing up, thanks to TESP."




Donate to the TESP Annual Fund and make a difference to an offender, his family and the community

On behalf of the Board of Directors of TESP and the volunteers assisting TESP, we would like to thank you for your continued support of the TESP Mission to bring enlightenment through consciousness-based rehabilitation to offenders.  The TESP is a 501 c 3 organization and donations to our organization are tax-exempt.  Your contributions go 100% to program implementation at this time.  If you would like to make a difference to the life of an offender, his family and our community, we urge you to contribute in a concrete way to fulfilling our Mission. 

Checks can be made to "TESP" and mailed to:
TESP Administrative Office

We also accept credit card contributions.  Use our Secure Form to provide details (please include the credit card billing address).

We take this opportunity to wish you compliments of the Season and look forward to hearing from you.

With best wishes,

Farrokh & Ruffina








"It is a very opportune time when the experienced people in the field of law have begun to realize that something may be added in the realm of law to fulfill that long-felt need to strengthen and make law capable of really producing order everywhere, in every country, in every culture, so as to make the family of nations really rise to evolutionary trends of life and establish perfect order for everyone."








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