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An Alternative Sentencing Program
incorporating the Transcendental Stress Management® Program


Experiences of Graduates of TESP, 2009


Dimitrius G.


3 31 09

The “Transcendental Stress Management Program” has added a new sense of peace and self-confidence in my life.  Being a man of faith I found myself skeptical of the program in the beginning and the benefits that the program could offer, however after giving TSM a try I began to see the benefits of meditating on a regular basis.  After applying the technique I started to notice a deeper sense of self, a new-found peace, and a deeper appreciation for my family and the role that they play in my life. 


With respect to a sense of self, I mean that I began to look within myself for the answers to the questions that life presented to me.  I found that with meditation I have the ability to maintain peace regardless of the situation that I am faced with.  The connectivity that was spoken of in the introductory portion of the class, I began to feel.  I noticed that with my new-found sense of self, people respond to me differently and I connect with people who view the world from the same perspective.


The peace that I have found since beginning the practice of TSM has been astonishing.  Since beginning the practice of TSM I have noticed that I am not moved by the emotions that the world tries to force upon me.  I have noticed that external forces do not move me as much as they did before; however, before, I would have the tendency to meet emotions with emotions, force with force, like emotion with like emotion.  Now after applying the TSM process in my life, I am not moved by the forces of the world.  I am able to rise above the emotions of the world and inject some peace into the lives that I encounter on a daily basis.


With all that said, I have a renewed sense of family and my role in it.  I have always been a family man yet before TSM I would be willing to gamble to advance my family.  However, after TSM, I have come to realize and respect that there is nothing more precious than my family and my responsibility as the head of the household.  I now respect the fact that I set the tone for my household. I think that during the first twelve years of my marriage that I discounted my role as head of my home.  Yet, after dealing with the legal system, and finding TSM, I now have a true understanding of the role that I play and the responsibility that I have in guiding my family in the right direction.


TSM has reconnected me to nature and all that dwells within it.  I can truly say that TSM has been a godsend in my life because after straying away from my core beliefs, this is what I needed to put my life back in line/check.  So with that, I say thank you to Mr. Anklesaria for bringing TSM to St. Louis, and helping a confused soul to be restored again.  Many thanks and blessing to Mr. Anklesaria and his teacher, the Maharishi, because with them and their teachings in my life, I can truly say that I feel empowered to face all the challenges that life presents and overcome them.  Lastly, I would like to thank the powers that be for placing me in this class so that I may obtain all of the benefits it offers.        




David B.

 David B.  Age 57                                                                       October 7th, 2009

Honorable Mark Seigel 

Then And Now Through The Transcendental Stress Management Program


Growing up in an average suburban neighborhood and attending 8 years of catholic grade school and 4 years of public high schools I had quite, what seemed to be, a quick change in life’s realities.  The parties and drinking were just some of the things that would later become an apparent part of my everyday lifestyle.  Things at home were suddenly changing for me and my parents.


Upon meeting and eventually marrying my first real girlfriend, entering the military, having two children and being discharged……I found myself drinking more often as time went by.  To me it was because of the greater level of responsibility and life’s problems that arose.  Five years later there was divorce and I was somewhat of a nervous wreck.  Down the road, and a few relationships later, I continued my alcohol abuse with the same results in said relations.


Arrested over the years for DUI and the assault charge I ended up in your courtroom with my plea of the treatment program for which I am most grateful.  Upon release I was to attend Gateway Free and Clear Counseling for approximately 6 months.  Through this program I readily connected to their insight, concern and determination.  Following that I looked ahead for my final hurdle of completing an Anger Management Course. My very kind probation officer, Bill Montgomery came to me with the possible option for said course with the Enlightening Sentencing Program. 


Since I was unsure of what to expect, as I guess most are, it seemed to at first be a sort of oasis from the outside world, with a sense of promptness yet a feeling of ease with the unknown.  From day one I’ve felt so much closer to being myself and the feeling of reaching out to others in a mental and physiological way. 


I have been on medications over the years for depression/anxiety and sleep related problems, but since the Transcendental Stress Management Program I have noticed quite a change in my need for all these medications and have not needed my sleeping pills in the past month.  If the Transcendental Stress Management Program can do this much good for me physically and mentally I assure to not only myself but to others as well the miraculous results of TSM which seem to get more profound with time.


As for my mental state, I’ve usually kept my mind busy with something, but now I’ve refined it to be more concise and less complicated.  I’ve always gotten along with people very well, albeit those binge drinking experiences, and I feel I now understand more about where others are coming from.  Ditto for gaining new friendships, which were once a rare commodity.


In review, this program has helped me substantially and has been something I never would have taken the opportunity to attend or learn about had it not been for my Probation Officer, Bill Montgomery, and the knowledge and dedication of my teacher and well traveled Farrokh.



John C.

Hello Farrokh. I am sending my thoughts to you in regards to the "TSM" program. At first I was very unsure if anything at all would help me deal with stress in life. I used to drink and use some drugs from time to time to deal with life. I had a very short fuse and was quick to speak my mind, good or bad. Things are much different for me today. I am more patient, I have clearer thinking, I sleep well, and have a more positive outlook on my life. I meditate twice a day and after doing so I feel fresh mentally. I am very grateful to you and Bill Montgomery both. I will practice meditation for the rest of my life. I can't wait to see what great things I may accomplish in my future. Again, thank you. I believe that your purpose in life is to save them. You have saved mine.                                                                    



Kelvin N.

9 24 09

First of all let me thank you for giving me this opportunity to experience TESP.  Of all the programs I have attended, I would say this is the best of them all.  At first I thought it was a waste of time like some of the other programs, but after watching the tapes about TESP I say, “It might be something in this for me.”  So I gave it a try and I felt relieved.  It was like a whole lot of weight have been lifted from my shoulders.


I use to have a huge anger problem and anything could set me off like a time bomb.  Now, I find myself more calmer and relaxed.  I have improved my relationship with my lady, we don't argue as much as we use to.  We find ourselves compromising more, instead of the “my way or the highway” idea.  I have gotten better at understanding my 2-year old boy instead of yelling at him all the time, I talk to him calm and I don't have to repeat myself.


TESP has even helped me with people skills.  At first I was not a people's person type of guy.  Today I catch myself speaking to people, smiling and enjoying life.


I would advise anyone to take TESP participating on an order from a judge.  You can't go wrong with it.  It's an amazing program and all you have to do is participate.



Joseph S.

I am 30 years old. I almost got married once and as much as I loved my girlfriend, we fought so much our relationship was very unhealthy. However, I do believe in my heart if TSM was invited into my life in 2002, I would not be a single man. We spent so much money on marriage counseling-and we wasn’t even married!!  I always thought that was very funny to me.

Before TSM I would really get stressed. I actually damaged my own car with a baseball bat once...  (my own car!!!) This cost me $1,000 dollars in damages. Because of my temper people around me often said I was crazy. In fact I even said I was crazy!! However since the TSM course I find myself much calmer. Now I find myself multitasking, handling  more responsibilities in the workforce.  I no longer let my emotions get control of my actions.

Without TSM I compare my mind to a garage. If you fill it up with unwanted trash you will soon have no place to park your car. And if you keep adding trash you will have no place to park your bike. Soon, you will have no room to even walk into your garage!  TSM keeps everything organized. With the 20 min session 2 times a day I have more energy and more motivation in my life. TSM is a way of life. It is just such a natural process now I don't even have to remember to meditate because it almost as my body tells me when, like when you are thirsty or in need of food.
My family has noticed a great change in my attitude. My aunt Maria (father's sister) noticed how calm I have became in stressful situations.  "WOW those classes are really working for you" she said.. The changes she saw in me actually made her attend an introductory talk with Farrokh and Ruffina. I am sure she will soon be in meditation classes herself sooner or later.

I have recently spoken about the benefits of this program to my father who I know would benefit from this program tremendously. Since he has been released from prison he sleeps a lot and i explained to him how TSM can help him with his sleeping problem. TSM will give him more alertness and wake him up.


I can't remember the last time I drank coffee. I used  to drink 3 cups every morning.  The meditation I do in the morning when I wake up now takes the place of my caffeine fix. I no longer let small problems stress me out. I find a solution to every situation and keep going.


I am very thankful to my judge Lisa Van Amburg for giving me a second chance in life with this program. I am also very thankful to my instructor Farrokh who has given me an education on TSM that no college has ever offered me in any course. I advise anybody:" no matter how great life seems to you ...TSM will make it better!"


My TSM course has only 3 classes left but my journey has just begun.


Samantha B.

The Enlightened Sentencing Project is not a condition of my Probation, in fact, it is not even something I sought out, or discovered. TESP found Me, and not a moment too soon.


I am Samantha B., 23, mother to a beautiful 2 year old little girl. My heart belongs to her, and her father. However, due to some mistakes in my past, the rest of me is sole property of the State of Missouri until 2011!


I turned to Meth for comfort when my step-mom dies shortly after I turned 18.I was emerged in a 2 year Meth binge when I caught a case, resulting in 5 years probation. I stopped using Meth, and turned to Marijuana. In 2006, I met Bryan, and shortly afterwards we had Lilah. In less than a year's time I went from full-blown Meth addict to full-time Mommy. I stopped using all together, bgut never dealt with the actual addiction, I just transferred it- first to Marijuana (which resulted in 6 months House Arrest, and nearly losing my daughter) then to the Internet...a lot safer, and legal, but addiction eats the soul no matter what the substance.


I tried to focus on the problems at hand, trying to raise a daughter, and dealing with her alcoholic father. Then he went to prison, which left me in full responsibility of all finances, raising Lilah, and being there for Bryan to support him in his recovery. I tried my hardest no to let it show, handled it like it was second-nature, but it was the hardest thing I had ever attempted. I couldn't keep up the balance of stability and sanity. I just kept letting the pressures of self-recovery, single motherhood, and support for my alcoholic Love build up. I had no clue what it was doing to me. My Psoriasis (a skin condition worsened by stress) had become uncontrollable, I subconsciously pick at and scratched my face until it was constantly borderline mutated, rarely slept more than 4 hours a night, and instantly snapped whenever the slightest thing didn't go as planned.


 Bryan and I were having serious relationship problems after his release. I was losing my temper with Lilah to the point of spanking her bottom, and couldn't stand myself anymore. Then on January 22, 2009, I woke up late, got to the babysitters with just enough time to make it to work- and she didn't answer the door. She had run to the store, thus I was late arriving to work....and I was fired. In the past, I would have given up, turned to Meth to heal the wound...but I have a daughter to worry about, and a 1 year sober and 20 years wiser fiance to worry about me.


 Bryan and I had our final big blowout argument about the same old stuff, and decided I need to learn to deal with my emotions. It was the only way to save our relationship. The next day-Friday, February 6, 2009 I woke up early to call a few doctors, try to find a therapist or psychologist to medicate me into "normality". I called Bryan to tell him about the appointment I made. He immediately asked me to cancel the appointment, and come with him to TESP. He gave me no details other than it was the remedy I needed, and he would pay for it. So, I decided to give it a shot, after all, if BRYAN is offering to pay for MUST be worth it. To put it nicely, he is a tightwad!


The very first time we meditated, I literally felt YEARS of stress melt away! As soon as the next day, Bryan and I were talking about issues that had caused yelling every other time they had been discussed in 3 years. I stopped spanking Lilah, and in less than 3 weeks have taught her the concept of compromise-impressive for a 2 year old.


 Every time I finish meditating I feel renewed and energetic- like a child at recess time. I now have the mental capacity to think about my next move before I make it, and a way to deal with my emotions without turning them into an obsession of sorts. I can sleep without waking a hundred times a night. My Psoriasis is already in remission, the joint pain associated with it has lessened considerably. I no longer feel like I am overwhelmed by life's problems, and I cancelled my appointment with the psychiatrist last week!


 After my 21st day of meditation, I noticed changes for the better in so many aspects of my life already. Small improvements such as the increase in the number of "green" lights I come to in a day, and huge improvements such as and my first ever attempt at quitting cigarettes in 14 years! I will be the first to admit I was skeptical of the benefits of TESP, and the Transcendental Stress Management Program. Then I learned it, applied it, and saw the changes. I am so excited to wake up and meditate each day. If 21 days could improve my life as much as it had, saved my relationship, strengthened my parenting, improved my luck, boosted my self-esteem, and given me will power....imagine what the next 21 days could hold...and the next 21 YEARS!!! It can only get better, and I continue to be thankful that TESP found me!


Today is April 21, 2009, and this begins my final week of the Transcendental Stress Management Program. I would be lying if I said that I am not still in awe of the wonders life has come to hold. However, I have found a problem. After seeing all the good this Program can bring into one's life, family, community, and even institutions, the problem lies in the fact that not enough people are practicing this method. If this was incorporated into every school, and children began learning this at a young age...there would be no crime to prevent. If every correctional facility applied TSM into their rehabilitative programs, there would not be such a high rate of recidivism. If the President would give funds to this Program, instead of banks, there wouldn't be the need for "Bail-outs".


The benefits that TSM holds are endless, and it is unfathomable to me that this is not considered an essential in every household worldwide! All the problems I see everyday on the news, could, and would, be resolved in just 20 minutes twice a day. I am so eternally greatful to Farrokh for sharing a piece of his wisdom with me. I can not repay him in any other way, except to let the light that TSM has shown me, shine in all aspects of my life.




Tyrone P.


My experience with TSM

When I started TSM I thought I was not going to like it.  But then I got a chance to hear Mr. Farrokh speak and I had a different outlook about the course.  The first change I noticed was that my sleeping had changed – I used to have a problem sleeping at night. I would get up two or three times a night going to the bathroom.  But after I started getting my meditation in, that all began to change.  I started sleeping throughout the night.  And that was the first change. 


The second change I noticed was that my temper had calmed down.  I was not arguing and fighting with my wife, and hollering at my grand-children; and believe that was something different and TSM was the reason why and that was a good change.


And after that, things started getting better and my boss started noticing changes.  So one day he came to me and said “Tyrone, at first I couldn't get you to do nothing without asking you.  Now you do things without my asking you to.  What's going on?”  So I told about TSM and came to find out that he was doing it too!  And that was the third change that happened that started getting better.


And the fourth change I noticed was that I don't want to carry weapons no more.  I used to carry gun or knife every day but since I been doing TSM my outlook has changed and I don't need these things in my life.  And that's a very good change.


The fifth change that came about is my smoking. I used to buy two cartons a week but now I cut it down to five packs.  And that is a good thing. So these are some of the changes that TSM has brought in my life.  And through continuing use of meditation and yoga, my life is going to keep getting better.


I want to thank Judge Heagney and Mr. Farrokh for letting me be a part of a good thing as learning TSM.











Excerpts from Essays

And if a lot more people attended the classes, there might be less people in jail.

Larry W.



Just after a few meetings with the class I started to feel a change.  I was more peaceful and calm with myself.  I am able to think before I react to a situation or problem. 

Larry W.


Before TSM I was a very nervous person, never happy and always angry. But since TSM, it’s like a light has been turned on. I’m always happy. 

Joe M.


Before meditation, it was hard balancing all my talents, my job, and my family.  It was just too much trouble and stress outside my door waiting for me.  This class is helping me structure my life how I know it can be.

Stephen K.


But I would recommend this [TSM] program to those who have anger problems, and to all addicted.  This should be stipulated in everyone who is incarcerated and those being released.

William B.




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