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An Alternative Sentencing Program
incorporating the Transcendental Stress Managementģ Program


Experiences of Graduates of TESP, 2008


Michael R.


I'm sending you this email to tell you about the changes I have received from using the Transcendental Stress Management program. When I first came to your class I was truly a skeptic. I have been seeing a psychologist and a psychiatrist and they have helped me some. When TSM was suggested to me, I didn't believe that by meditating I could relieve the everyday stress that I have been dealing with most of my life. I worked in a very stressful occupation, being a Senior Shift Supervisor at a major chemical plant. I was in charge of two departments manufacturing IV injectable pharmacueticals that worked twenty four hours a day, 365 days a year. We never shut down except for preventive maintenance and we are back up and running in a few hours. I was working six days a week 14 to 16 hours a day. 

Not only was I responsible for my department, but I was also responsible for most of the plant in other capacities as Operation Commander, Incident Commander, Medical First Responder, Hazmat Supervisor, Rescue Entry Supervisor and company representative between union workers. If anything happened on the night shift I was the one, along with another Senior Shift Supervisor that was supposed to handle the situation. There was a lot of pressure in this job and this caused me to go through many changes for over twenty years. I self medicated myself with alcohol and thus my problem with DWI's.  I go to AA meetings, but there was still high levels of stress in my life.

My probation officer suggested that I should try the Transcendental Stress Management program to help me to deal with my stress. I told him that I had tried everything and I doubted that this would help me at all.  When I came in your class, I just didn't believe that this would help, but I want to tell you that I have seen a big change in me after just one day of meditation.


The first thing is that I was able to sleep the entire night. I normally would sleep off and on throughout the night, getting only about four hours of sleep. After my first session I was able to sleep the entire night, not waking up once. This was the first time, in a long while, I was able to get a good night sleep without taking medication. There was no restlessness, just calm, restful sleep.

Next, I normally fly off the handle when pressed about anything.  Sunday, someone came over and bought a computer monitor and when they got it home they said it wouldn't work. This was a brand new monitor so I knew that they were doing something wrong.  Normally I would have been upset because they couldn't figure out how to set it up, but this time I was calm and helpful to the person and found out that they had not pushed the power cord in all the way.  When I got off the phone even my wife looked at me strange because I handled the problem without getting angry. This was a new thing for me. My wife could see the difference.  She knows that it's working.


Finally, I suffer from high blood pressure because I'm always stressed. I've suffered from high blood pressure for most of my life. My normal pressure readings are about 245/180. When I take my medication the most I can get my blood pressure to drop is from 245/180 down to 190/140.  But because of meditation I have noticed that it came down to 130/90!  These changes after my first day and a half of TSM are truly amazing and I think with consistent practice I can get my blood pressure down to120/80. 


This is only the beginning, but if this is just the start, I can't wait to see what things will be like after the twenty sessions. You have changed my mind about the Transcendental Stress Management program and I can see the benefits it can do.  I have heard some wonderful stories from others about how it has changed them. Now you can add me to that list.  I think that this is one thing that everyone should try to bring their body and mind back into balance.  It really has done wonders for me and I'm looking forward to see what other positive changes this treatment will bring to me.

I'm enjoying this version of me and with time it can only get better.




Dec.12, 2007

Upon being enrolled in the TESP my self esteem was very low.  Life was looking impossible and very bleak.  I was angry at myself and others.  I felt like a failure.  I was headed back to my old behaviors and drugs looked like my only escape.  I was an emotional wreck.


However after a couple sessions with TESP something clicked.  With the meditation and stretching exercises (yoga) some self searching came about.  I began to slow down, Pause if you will, act instead of react to all the built up drama in my life.  I guess I wanted to change my behavior for the better.  I had a gleam of hope.  I cared about me.  I want to improve my life.  I felt like someone.  I believe the laws of nature were setting in, as Mr. Anklesaria would stress must obey these laws!!  Big deals were becoming little deals.  I had a lot more energy.  My mind started thinking good thoughts.   

I have tried many other programs, drug rehab, jail, anger management, and even A/A meetings.  A/A is runner-up to TESP.   TESP only works if you make it a daily part of your life.  Relationships with others have improved dramatically.  My mother told me not long ago.  ďI feel I can talk to you.  Iím not so scared of you as I once was.Ē  My daughter seems more cheerful around me.  My father and I donít argue as much.  Bedrock of rust is being built with my family.  Once there was little.  The story of the plant where the roots must be firm and well nourished before the flowers and the leaves will prosper is true.  We are allowed to grow from our inner selves by practicing TESP daily.  We reward others by shining on the outside.  People feel I am growing toward a better life and future.  Today it looks as if all my problems will work themselves out.  All will be okay.  I recommend this spiritual program to everyone. 


Thank you Mr. Anklesaria, a wonderful mentor and teacher, thank you Lawrence for taking timeout, thank you Dr. John [Sterling], and fellow students, and of course the honorable Judge Mason who made all this possible.



Daryl E.

9 25 08

Dear Judge Mason,

You sentenced me to three years probation in December of 2006. One of the terms of sentence was to attend and graduate TESP. Itís time for me to graduate now and this essay Iím writing is to let you know my life has changed since I have been practicing TSM.   I am 29 years old, I have 3 younger siblings and 3 kids by 2 different women who can not stand to hear each others name. Growing up all I seen was crime I was exposed at an early age. During most of  my school years my parents was able to have some control over my involvement with the streets, but once I graduated and things didnít go the way I planned I restored back to my roots for so called success. With all that being said you can imagine my twist and turns of life that ended me up in, and out of jail.

I always been a ďpeople personĒ knowing how to deal with people good or bad, but now with TSM in my life I know how to deal with the bad without getting worked up about it. Itís now easier for me to either avoid bad situations or not let the situation escalade to something more while actually being in the heart of it. As you can tell I have more control of my attitude now. In the past when I got worked up I just went my emotions and feelings even though I would think about the pros and cons. I just didnít care because when I got mad about something I would get more mad about being mad, now Iím able to laugh things off and keep it moving.

I have had high blood pressure for years but now it seems to be under control. It may still rise from time to time because of the daily stresses I deal with but my daily doses of TSM always evens it out. I had  the misfortune of being locked up for a couple of weeks during my time in the TSM program. While I was in the justice center my blood pressure was checked and the nurse said things are at a normal rate. Since I been released I been checking it periodically and it is still normal. I use to have chest pains almost everyday a couple times a day. It would hurt so bad I would have to massage my chest for the pains to go away. Every since I started TSM program the pains have decreased to me not having them for days maybe even weeks. I am able to think clearly now and more organized. I have even come to admit I may need a little counseling to help me further rehabilitate my mind so I can feel free, even through I understand  we are not living in a free world.

My drug habit was never a habit or maybe it was, just not a bad one. The only time I really had an urge to use was when I was so stressed I felt like hurting someone to release the anxiety that was built up. Me using marijuana (drug of choice) was more so because I would start tripping off my life, then I would get high hoping to escape my pains, all the time knowing the troubles was not going to leave, and all Iím doing is helping time pass me by.

Now I feel I donít have anytime to waste and Iím so for behind in my life plans that I will be playing catch up forever, but it doesnít matter just as long as I accomplish them I would be satisfied. I understand that during this point in my life it would have to be a great blessing from GOD to be stress free but without TSM I know I wouldnít be able to make it. I would either be dead or in jail over something that not even worth it.

In conclusion I would live to thank the honorable Judge David Mason for placing me in the TSM program. Next I want to thank Mr. Farrokh for teaching me the proper way to use TSM in my daily life. I would also like to thank Ms. Lynn Hansen my probation officer for being patient with me while I work through the process of transforming back to my normal self without the negativity of the streets in my life.



Eddie D.

Age 46


My first thoughts of the TSM were that it was a waste of time and money. I went to great lengths to avoid taking the class. I even spoke to an attorney. After realizing I had no choice I decided to do the right thing and complete the class. Once I opened my ears and was willing to give it a try I noticed things in my inner self and everyday activities were beginning to change. I started meditating once in the morning and once in the evening. I began to see lots of things in a different perspective. Examples: My attitude had changed for the better.  I was on edge most of the time but now I am more at peace with myself. I found myself communicating better with my girlfriend, co-workers and customers in regards to talking about their tree work or giving them a bid. My climbing abilities improved in great lengths in regards to being more confident and accurate while 5 or 6 stories high in a tree.  Also, my sleeping habits improved allowing me to be more relaxed and alert.

I believe meditation is a tool I can use the rest of my life to help me stay focused on doing the right thing and will help me follow my conscience where as before I didn't allow my conscience to matter whether what I was doing was right or wrong.

For the offenders that are not sure about giving this class a chance let me tell you, I was in the same shoes. So take it from another offender: If you will just be open minded and put forth a small effort, I assure you, you will receive much better inner peace within yourself and enjoy your journey through life with your head high and achieve dreams you thought never possible. This doesn't mean life will be a bed of roses but you will have a wonderful tool to help you make right choices and overcome obstacles that life may bring your way.

In closing, I would really like to thank Judge Lisa Van Amburg for giving me this opportunity to be exposed to the meditation classes.  For once in my life I believe the judge gave me a stipulation of my probation that will stick with me and help me in many different walks of life, including remaining out of the system for the remainder of my life.




James R.

Age: 28



What TSM has done for me

In Nov. of 2005 I was sentenced to three years probation with a life line of stipulations, by the  Honorable Judge Heagney. The one that I did not understand was the The Enlightened Sentencing  program.  After inquired information I could not understand what  meditations had to do with me and my life, and or life style. So I delayed the entry process as long as I could because I felt like it would not benefit me at all; but contrary to my beliefs about  Transcendental Stress Meditation (TSM). I really under-estimated the power and results of TSM.


Before coming into the program I was very doubtful of my future; very angry and frustrated. I also suppressed a lot of my feelings and thoughts which eventually caused problems with my significant other. We fussed at each other all the time. We were unable to communicate and genuinely appreciate one anotherís worth. On November 3, 2007, I literally  snapped and put my hands on her. I was arrested for my actions and had to appear in front of my judge. He gave me a second chance to correct my wrongs. I really regret what I have done, but regret is dead if nothing is corrected. So I told myself that I needed to do something that will help my family and I.


I asked my Probation Officer, Rebecca Surlouch, about the TSM program and she mentioned stress management as the pivotal point of the program. So I contemplated stress managementÖ is this what I needed?  I realized most of my problems revolved around stress issues. So I got enrolled in the classes and it has really been a great experience for me. I do not let people or situations grow on me in any negative way. I am more equipped to handle my anger in a suitable fashion. And to support evidence of the program here are a few examples of situations and how I dealt with them:


            1. With my children I am constantly on them about being responsible; cleaning up behind themselves and sharing with each other. In the past, I would have usually yelled and get frustrated and not want to deal with the situation. Now I am more patient, more calm and more able to understand their feelings.


            2. My significant other and I still have disagreements and we always will, but now, since the TSM program, I know that  I donít have to win the argument, I donít have to be the one thatís right, I donít have to force m opinions on  her. I can let her be herself and appreciate her thoughts, opinions and feelings.


            3. I am currently enrolled in school and the Met Center, studying Construction prep.  I am much more focused in class and I do not let other classmatesí foolishness affect me nor do I get angry or frustrated with the assignments or work. I am more determined than ever.


My future looks and feels promising and I owe a great portion to TESP and to my meditation. I am truly grateful and proud of the program.  I must admit this was money well spent. Many thanks to Judge Heagney for making TESP a stipulation of my probation and to my probation Officer Rebecca Surlouch for encouraging me to complete it.

James R., a satisfied Consumer and Meditator!



Marie B.


7 9 08


TESP has been one of the most important and effective tasks in my life.  It has helped me abundantly in both my professional and personal life.  At first, I was most definitely unsure about TESP and its background.  The day I went to court and stood in front of  Judge Van Am Burg and she asked me several questions mainly things about myself and there were two things she said that stuck out at me.  One of the things she asked me was,Ē do you have a problem with your angerĒ?  


Of course you know what my answer was, right?  I was in such denial and I am going to be very honest in saying this - I felt that if I had answered her yes, I would be giving her the answer she was looking for.  She then went on giving me two options: either to take anger management or the TESP.  I did not want the anger management, reason being I did not want to feel labeled.  Judge Van Am Burg then says to me, ďI suggest TESP which I have taken previously and it changed my life tremendouslyĒ.


She then explained to me that it is a stress management class.  When she told me how it changed her life, I did not know what to think.  When she ordered me to take TESP, I became withdrawn and mentally resistant to the decision.  I began taking TESP around early winter and I was the only female among four males in the class I then became more resistant but once I settled in and really got into it I was fine.  I had been discontinued from the class due to my asthma reacting badly to the cold weather.


I then began to think that I was given up on.  But, while I sat out briefly until the new season started, I continued my meditation.  Although, I have never been in trouble legally because of the stress and anger I carried, I was in trouble mentally and physically.  As I continued to meditate I have not had any episodes with asthma, my study habits are better, personal relationships have been better and I rest peacefully.  One of my co-workers told me ďMs. B. you are so wonderfulĒ.


Considering my past relationships like between an ex-boyfriend and me, we would fight constantly about any little thing until the point our arguments became violent.  Now he and I talk and we have a great friendship that I really appreciate.  Also, with my cousin and I the arguments between her and I would get so heated that we would not talk for months, which brought me a great deal of pain because my cousin and I are like sisters.  Now, we talk every other day, go shopping, talk about work, guys and everything else like we use to do when we were teenagers.


I also have a better relationship with God because for a while I was losing faith.  I felt I was punished by my anger and it became more or a mental challenge between me and my faith.  The meditations allowed me to restore my faith and it was something that belong to me and I promise myself to never let it go. 


Even friends who know me extremely well say that I have done a total 360.  I have been a problem to myself. I didnít realize  this for a long time but now TESP has given me a chance to soul search, stimulate my mind, and has spiritually enlightened me  I am a more positive and responsible young woman. TESP has brought out the positive potential I already had.  TESP helped me find it.  I have made many great accomplishments in my life. TESP is one of the greatest things Iíve done for myself and my life.  Not to seem vain but I have always been impressed with myself and things Iíve done but me taking this class has not only made me an overachiever but a softer person that has opened up more.


I am very happy with the results.  THANK YOU MR. FARROKH for all your practices and teachings and THANK YOU JUDGE VAN AM BURG for your help!





Robert J.

9 2, 2008

My name is Robert J.  I am 67 years old.  I enrolled in the TESP program on the recommendation of my probation officer Bill Montgomery.  One of the first benefits that I noticed after I got into the program was the ability to get to sleep easier and to get a more restful sleep.  I also found that I awoke with greater energy and  focus to accomplish tasks.  I find it difficult to quantify,  but in many areas I do find that  many things that were stressful in the past are now not a source of stress.

During the 218 days that I was in jail and prison, all I did was lay in bed and sleep.  I had absolutely no ambition to do anything else.  I slept approximately16 plus hours a day.  After getting out of prison I continued that pattern.  After starting the TESP program I started a more normal sleep pattern and now sleep 6-7 hours nightly and work around the house and do other activities during the day and evening.  For instance,I go to flea markets on weekends. I went to the festival of nations at Tower Grove Park. I went to the YMCA book fair. I have plans to go to the zoo, up in the Gateway Arch, to Grant's Farm, and to the Missouri Botanical Gardens.  I am spending more time with family and enjoying it more.

My son and others have told me I seem happier and more relaxed. I am generally not an active person and doing the yoga postures has loosened me up and helped to make me more flexible and reduced the  aches and pains I was feeling in my joints.

I want to thank my Probation Officer, Mr. Bill Montgomery, for sending me to the TESP course and Mr Farrokh Anklesaria for his efforts in teaching the classes.  In summary, this has been a very good experience for me and I plan to continue meditating and look forward to realizing continued physical and mental benefits.



Click to read pdf files:

Kenneth T. 

Jamel G.

Valdess W.



Shaun S.


Shaun S., 30 years

To whom this may concern before TSM I was once restless and stressed at times. Now since Iíve learned how to meditate I rest better, I feel better, I even canít stop the feeling.

Lately I have been drinking more water than beers. Meditating makes you look at the positive side of life than before. I look at whatís more important now before I have fun.

My family even sees a different side of me which is the person they knew I could become. I recently lost a job, but TSM also gives you confidence so I kept trying and before I knew it I was employed again. I got the job on the spot because at the interview I was told by the superior way that I look like I wouldnít let him down because it was something about me by looking at me. But it was meditation. I no longer feel stressed. I feel free and restful and I plan to keep coming to TSM. at least twice a month because of the outcome and the way it makes me feel about myself and the smiles I get when people approach me.

Thank you:

Judge Mason

My P.O: Dave Jennings

Most of all: Farrokh

Last but not least: Lawrence



Marlo S.


Dear Judge Van Amburg,

Iím writing this letter concerning my relationship with TSM. Itís been a course to which my life now has meaning to it. I say this because as long as I have been going through life negative things have been what Iíve chosen.

But now that Iím a meditator Iíve been able to see things more clearly than I have in the past. See you must understand my past, to know that this works. All Iíve ever done was use drugs, destroyed my mind, hurt my kids, and mistreated my wife, also Iíve been in and out of jail most of my life because Iíve been so stressed out. And not thinking. Drugs became my out, and not thinking about who Iím hurting in the process and just thinking about my own pain. Drugs were my way out of all the mess.

So this last time I went to jail again, but I was praying that God would give me just one more chance. And he did by sending me to the right judge. But when I heard about this program I had doubts, but I agreed. Because I know that my life was at stake. Then my kids would grow up without me. But still I had doubts. Until when I went to my first class and the guy that opened the door was someone I knew. Then, he told me this is what started him down the right track. Also, after more guys I knew came through, as well. I made my mind up.

Now Iím no longer sad, Iím no longer angry at myself for not having the things my children might want. I donít get mad about anything. I smile all day long, because Iím happy that my mind is clear. Also Iím thinking before I act. My kids think Iím the best daddy in the world. My mother, my sister, and all think that Iíve lost my mind. Because I donít just click like I used to in the past. And the guys that I work around said that they love my new attitude at work.

So I would like to take the time to say thanks to my judge for giving me such a great opportunity to open my mind, so that Iíll be better for my kids. Also Iím a better person out here in society. Because TSM is the best thing happening to someone like myself. Thanks for a new life.










Excerpts from Essays

And if a lot more people attended the classes, there might be less people in jail.

Larry W.



Just after a few meetings with the class I started to feel a change.  I was more peaceful and calm with myself.  I am able to think before I react to a situation or problem. 

Larry W.


Before TSM I was a very nervous person, never happy and always angry. But since TSM, itís like a light has been turned on. Iím always happy. 

Joe M.


Before meditation, it was hard balancing all my talents, my job, and my family.  It was just too much trouble and stress outside my door waiting for me.  This class is helping me structure my life how I know it can be.

Stephen K.


But I would recommend this [TSM] program to those who have anger problems, and to all addicted.  This should be stipulated in everyone who is incarcerated and those being released.

William B.




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