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An Alternative Sentencing Program
incorporating the Transcendental Stress Management® Program


Experiences of Graduates of TESP, 2007


Kelvin L.

2/20/07, after six days in TESP classes

To: The Honorable Judge David C. Mason

My name is Kelvin L. and I would like to thank you from the very depths of my inner being for making the “Transcendental Stress Management Program” a part of my probationary stipulation. I appeared before you in August 2003; I am not expecting you to remember who I am personally, but I do ask that you remember that what you have done for an individual has changed his life tremendously.


As a child between the tender ages of eight and thirteen, I had been sexually abused both mentally and physically with no holds barred, by the assistant pastor of a church that my family and I attended. Not just because of the demonic act itself, but that it was of the same sex (male)! My life was over before I even knew what life was in its existence!!!!

The scars that were left were almost unimaginable because my life had become one of cloak and dagger, drugs, alcohol and sexual promiscuousness. I had never been in trouble with the law before, which leads me to believe that it was my destiny to come before you, simply because nothing else that I had ever tried prior to TESP worked, even in the slightest form. I’ve tried drug rehab centers on seven different occasions. I’ve spoken with both psychologists and psychiatrists, with also being diagnosed as a lunatic. I’ve even tried on my own to get past and over this horrendous lifestyle that I was living, but to no avail.

Naturally, my health, mental state, and any relationship that I tried to maintain was totally unsuccessful because I have two failed marriages as a result and four children that suffered the backlash of my horrid lifestyle. I could not hold a job for more than two months, maybe; not to mention that my attitude was nothing of a desirable nature and my coping skills with stress were off the chart!! I have always held on to the hope, faith and belief in God that all of this torment would come to an end and now He (God) has answered my prayers ☺[smiley icon drawn by author].

I joined TESP on Feb 15, 2007, and just within my first six days, I feel as though I have become a brand new living being. The program is totally beyond any doubt in my mind the greatest program ever discovered because the benefits are undeniably wonderful. The present relationship that I’m in has blossomed almost instantly because my companion used to wait for me to say “good morning” first because if I didn’t speak first, she considered it a bad day ahead and would avoid me as much as possible. Since the program, she now taps me on the shoulder and asks me “what’s your name again? ☺”

Then she tells me that wherever that other guy has gone, to please let him remain. We converse on a more intelligent level as two adults should and to be more specific, we now completely and honestly enjoy each other’s company. The two meditations per day has made my ability to deal with stress and other relationship (kids, siblings, associates, etc) extremely better; as a matter of fact my mom was so impressed with my recent change [to] desirable living, that she remarked that it’s something I should have done 35 years ago ☺.


My health is much, much better, because I am able to sleep comfortably and peacefully, while my state of mentality has increased as far as being able to think clearly and am no longer the procrastinating person that I once was. I am now awakening in the morning feeling pleasantly refreshed and ready to do whatever needs to be done in the home, around the home, even on top of the home ☺. I now seek employment with enthusiasm rather than reservation and thinking I would be turned away because of my felony conviction and my past history in general terms.

As in the book of Romans, chapter 12, verses 2 and 3, says about the renewing of the mind, through TESP God has done this for me and I thank Him every day for doing so. Mr Mason, I used to hear the saying that “everything has its purpose in life”. I understand that in spite of the old self that God ordained my appearing before you in your courtroom, and you sending me to Mr Farrokh’s teachings ☺. I don’t know how many judges use this tool in their sentencings, but truly, truly, truly, every one of them should!!!  Mr Farrokh is a phenomenal teacher and human being. He is not only a great teacher, but is very caring and concerned.


With all the abuse, drugs, alcohol and sex, not to mention the mental anguish that I had suffered for more than 39 years, I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. From God, through yourself (Hon. Judge David C. Mason) and Mr Farrokh, and the “Transcendental Enlightening Sentencing Program” also known as TESP, I am now living in the light and the fullness thereof. Thank you, thank you, thank you and may God continue to bless anyone and everyone that has anything at all, no matter how large or small, for TESP.




Shonda D.


Although there are many ways to combat stress, for years this technique seemed to elude me. For years, I was unable to see in myself what my friends, family, and neighbors saw. They saw not a young single mother of four, but an individual who seemed to be mad at the world. I, in fact was mad, yet even I didn’t know why. Stress is what made up the characteristics of my personality. Imagine if you will, a person who finds all of society to be at fault for their own ignorance. I myself, am but one of thousands. Despite this initial conclusion, I can not account for the thousands, only myself.

In due time the technique that I had been in search of would soon construct its own presentation.  The Enlightened Sentencing Project seemed to be just another inconvenient stipulation that accompanied probation. At present, my thoughts have changed since I’ve been able to experience the many benefits of the Transcendental Stress Management program.

Words alone cannot express my gratitude for the Honorable Judge David C. Mason. The day I found myself to be sentenced could have been more bleak than ever I could have imagined. I believe that Judge Mason saw in me something no one else could see, or maybe they did, but just didn’t care. Judge Mason gave me an opportunity to take control of my life. This is not a Fairy Tale, however, it will have a happy ending.

For two years I ‘d pretend as if I didn’t hear my current probation officer whenever they’d remind me that this was something I had to achieve. This to me was bogus and I was confident that I could and would manage to fabricate an intricate plot of deception leaving TESP for some other idiot. No sooner the probation officer would mention the TESP program that my body seemed to go into shock, convulsions, or a paralytic state. Yet and still the probation officer was unperturbed, and my manipulative performances were to no avail.

No matter if I were the world’s greatest deceiver I had to complete this task. TSM Meditation, even if last on a list of a thousand options, still I would not have chosen it. I remember entering the Centenary Church on Olive in severe defense mode, utterly dismissive of anyone within two feet of me. I was ready to question the foundation, discredit the frame-work, and dismantle the roof. After this was done the siding and interior would be irrelevant. This is what’s needed to build a house.

I assured myself that TESP was fraudulent and I’d be the hero to reveal its true motives. I had many questions.  Mr. Anklesaria, the TSM Meditation instructor had many answers. The first week in my opinion was very intense.  By the second week, my mind and my thoughts were racing, doing at least 80 mph and accelerating. The whole experience was uncanny. There was this whole new array of thoughts to ponder, and still many questions to ask. The possibilities were simply infinite.  TSM had me every bit intrigued. Without a doubt I believe Mr. Anklesaria to be a great instructor of TSM.  In the weeks that followed, I vividly remember the disbelief of some of the other participants; they gave no credibility to TSM whatsoever.  Though I didn’t share their disbelief at the time I put up a good front, often entertaining their thoughts, but this charade didn’t last long. I don’t recall putting my guard down. It just happened!!!  Everyone saw this change, I saw this change, and the changes in my life are numerous.

I was once easily agitated and quick to anger. I used to curse at my kids, and some of their behaviors were almost impossible for me to handle. I no longer curse at them nor take my frustrations out on them. As a matter of fact, my weaknesses are now my strengths. I am able to encourage them more when usually I’d discourage them. I nurture them when usually I’d whip them, and I am now more patient when normally I’d be impatient with them. Kids will be kids.  Often they take advantage of this new change in which they see in me, it is quite peculiar.

My boyfriend would soon encounter this new person, and he would find himself in
a state of amazement. One day after we’d had some minute disagreement I said to him, "don’t worry I still love you." These words of affection had once been nothing more than a feeling to me, never an expression. Later that day he reminded me of these words I’d said.  Of course I believed that he was exaggerating. The kids were able to settle this dispute, they’d been the only ones who’d witnessed the incident in question.

As time progressed the benefits of TSM were ever clear. I presumed to allow this new transition to take place, allowing myself a true metamorphosis. TSM is done so naturally, it requires no effort.   It has had a very positive influence over my life at home and within my local community.  My kids used to look at me their eyes full of wondering curiosity.  At the time I was unable to articulate to them in words they would understand just what TSM was. Soon TSM. became a family activity. On occasion I’d practice TSM alone, on others I’d practice with them. TSM, combined with the yoga exercise, in their opinion, was fun.

I wonder to myself if they’ve noticed the effects of TSM.  Presently their correspondence with each other is much better, and their sibling rivalries are at a minimum.  Before TSM my sons who are both ADHD, (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) got in trouble at school so often that their school had my number on speed dial! The administrators are now concerned that the resources that were established to modify these behaviors are no longer needed.

Because I am able to see things so much clearer, my previous demeanor was hard to envision by some of my fellow classmates at the Adult Learning Center. (I enrolled at the Adult Learning Center a couple weeks before I started TSM.) Every now and then I’d briefly describe a past incident which captivates their attention and leaves them in awe. I told them about one occasion when I visited my former employer with the intention of buying something to eat.  Instead I assaulted one of my fellow co- workers because they’d called me out of my name. Upon hearing this interesting revelation they asked who or what I hold accountable for this new change in which they see. I decided that I’d take on some responsibility.  I knew that TSM could help them in ways more intense than any teacher, or tutor ever could. Words can never express my thoughts...Judge David C Mason and Mr. Anklesaria I may forever be in debt to.

On March 29,2007, I invited Mr. Anklesaria to visit my class at the Adult Learning Center to speak about the TSM program. I felt the need to bring others into this wave of enlightenment.  Most were simply intrigued, while others were concerned about the cost. While I don’t understand their reasons to substantiate this initial reluctance, I believe them to be at one with their own ignorance. It is but a one time fee that will offset a life time of benefits. A personal investment in one’s own future. The benefits more than outweigh the cost involved.

Before TSM I had a list of people whom I reckoned to deal with no sooner than I completed the terms of probation. Before TSM I was a very angry individual. I wanted others to feel my wrath. I wanted to show them how ignorant I could be. I used to snap on anyone who so much as looked at me too long. Here and now that person of the past cannot be found. I no longer engage in senseless acts of violence. No longer do I find it necessary to demean my character and put my future at risk. My new persona seems to be one that is much more desirable amongst family, friends, neighbors, my community overall.

I believe that as long as I practice TSM. I’ll continue to be the person of success that I’ve longed to be. After all, I can take on the world and Mars. Well, maybe not Mars, that is an alien planet!  Stress is something that one cannot escape. On my way to the Adult Learning Center the driver in front of me may have been talking on a cell phone or applying make-up, oblivious that the red light was now green. TSM for some may lower their blood pressure, for me it lowers my impulsiveness and adrenaline. TSM has truly enlightened me, yet some are not susceptible to change. This theory to me is apathetic. I continue to practice TSM with much alacrity.  The benefits are not only infinite but tangible as well. Tell ten people about The Enlightened Sentencing Project and you will soon acquire great success!!!




Carlos H.

Age: 40

MARCH 6,2007


My name is Carlos H.  I was sentenced to the Enlightened Sentencing Project on December 7, 2006. Which was my 40th birthday. I knew this would be a big challenge for me because opening up to people is not my biggest thing to do. The day I entered the program I told my wife that this was not going to work out. She told me that I had no more choices. So I went into the program with a frown on my face. Just the thought of having to pay 220 dollars did not help the situation either.


As time progressed I realized that I could really get something out of this program. So with the help of Farrokh , Lawrence and the other members of the group I learn to meditate do yoga and become more relax under pressure.


I’ve done 20 other drug classes and never finishing none. But with this class I started realizing that I had a lot to give and a lot to gain. For the first time I realize that finishing this class was the first step to a long recovery process. Recovery is something that is a continual process. I have dealt with drugs and incarceration for the last 12 years. My recovery is something that I have to deal with on my own. It is not something that I can receive from somebody else.


Let me tell you how my life has changed since entering this program. My relationship with my wife and children is better. Now when my children do that upset me I sit them down and talk to them. I use to argue and fuss at them. I have seen a great improvement in my relationship with my children. They have also notice something different about daddy. I love the way that has improved.


The relationship with my wife has vastly improved. We use to argue all the time about how I was going to take care of this situation or that. I use to scream at her telling her that I don’t know or you take care of it. It was a situation that was very unfair to her. Our differences became obstacles when they wasn’ t even hills. Once I started this program and learn to relax I realized that some of the things that she asked of me was very important to our relationship. Instead of becoming defensive about everything I have learn to hear her out. In return she saw the difference in me and there has been a difference in her. She now says can I talk to you instead of you better listen. We have started to agree a lot more on situations or come to a compromise. It is a more relaxing atmosphere in my home.


My relationship to my understanding has become better. Because without Gods help sending me to Lisa Van Amburg courtroom and her sentencing me to this program I don’t know where I would be. I will like to express my gratitude to Judge Van Amburg for the program coming into my life.


My work atmosphere has improved. I have never had a job where I had to work one on one with the public. My attitude before was so unbearable that I could not keep those kind of positions.


My new position had me working with the public everyday. I am more calm and relaxed with the public. I have even been told by my boss how I am a wonderful person to work with. Talking about a surprise. When you are understanding with people it shows through. They also begin to be more understanding of your situation. Positive thinking and doing sends off that same kind of karma.


I will like to thank once again the great teachings that Farrokh and Lawrence have given me. Also thank you Judge Van Amburg for this wonderful life changing program.




Carolyn B.

Age: 45


Dear Judge VanAmburg,

My name is Carolyn B. [identity protected] and hopefully you can remember me. I wanted to share with you my thoughts and experience of when I was ordered to do my Transcendental Stress Management classes. When I heard the order of TSM classes come from you, I began to think what a waste of time this will be.  I thought this process will be hopeless and pointless for me to go through.  I was already ashamed of myself and thought that I was completely worthless.


My first class was not going too good and I was trying to find a way out.  Farrokh led me to a room by myself and told me to think about it.  It was up to me to continue with classes or not.  So I myself chose to stay.

At these classes I began to learn that I really do have a conscience, I am a better person than I thought.  I had miserable days with family problems but it continued to get better with my home meditations and going to classes.

There were days that I was with my friends and peer pressure was close but my self-control led me the other way.  For example, I had gone out with my friends and they were all deciding to have a couple of beers one evening.  The party seemed to get a little heavy and I was having stronger thoughts of what I should do, so I decided to go home.  My mother expected me to stay out all night and mess up, but when I knocked on the door by eight o'clock she was shocked.  She had tears in her eyes just to think that I came home and didn’t get messed up! I went in put on my pajamas laid down and decided to watch TV. I have now been free of drugs now for a year and a half.  I no longer have to return to see my PO (Probation Officer).


I was under a lot of doctor’s care for blood pressure and nerves but as of now things have began to get under control.  My blood pressure has gone from 178/100 to 128/70.  My doctor could not believe this.


So, as for these classes, I would like to say my self-esteem has finally grown and my life has begun to turn around!!  My family members, my mother, my sister and my daughter have even stated they see a change in me and in them, also due to the meditation involvement.  I would like to give thanks to you Judge VanAmburg for all the help and knowing this is what it would take to help me to relax and put my thoughts back on track.

I would like to close this essay with informing everyone that TSM is the way to go.  I could never have done this without the meditation helping me.  At any time I would be more than happy to show my presence and give my advice to others that thanks to TSM, it is possible to change and you really can make it.  I will also advice my friends, associates, and others to give TSM a try.

Thanks again!




Jake W.

Honorable Judge Mason,

First of all, I would like to thank you for your leniency and consideration of my case. I’m indebted to you for your awareness of this program. 

I must admit that at first I was rather skeptical of the program and had reservations about the potential of TSM.

During the first few months I remained a skeptic, taking what the instructors said and taught with a grain of salt. After a while I found the instruction and philosophy of TSM beneficial to me without me realizing it.

I must also admit, that having been around other members of the class, and witnessing the transformations that had been taking place within them, that I took a second look at my life and my behavior and redoubled my effort to apply TSM to my every day life 

There are several changes in my life that have manifested as my meditations have progressed.

I have been working with my father for several years now and it had often been a source of great frustration to me. I was often irritable at work and often made mistakes due to that frustration. However, with this practice, I have seen and felt changes in my attitude toward work and having my father as a boss. My relationship with my father has improved tremendously and I have been able to verbalize my feelings more freely.

Another area of improvement in my life has been my relationships with my friends, brother and girlfriend. I’m not really an angry person or prone to violence but generally hold my feelings inside. Through TSM I have been able to come to peaceful and meaningful resolutions to issues with the people that I interact with. It has given me clarity of thought and calm that I hadn’t realized before.

Before starting TSM classes I was having trouble sleeping peacefully through the night, often tossing and turning through the night. By practicing TSM I am able to release the stresses that I have encountered throughout the day. I am happy to say that I have sleeping much more peacefully.

In conclusion, I would like to thank the court and Judge Mason for his recognition of this program, and its implementation. I have seen first hand the incredible benefits that accompany its successful practice. It is unfortunate that more jurists do not see the benefits.




1 4 07, Male, Age 26

Dear Judge Mason:

My name is N.M. I am 26 years old and was born in the Middle East on October 10 1980. I hope the people reading this will understand what I am trying to say. It is very difficult for me to translate this into English. The reason why I began taking these classes was to control my anger towards myself and other people.

In the year 1990 when the first Gulf War started I lost many of my family members and that became a tragic loss for myself. As a young man I saw many things I shouldn’t have seen such as my father and my older sister being separated from my brother, sister and myself. This made me depressed to a certain extent and emotionally scarred for life. I know these excuses do not make for my problems but it made a big impact on my life and who I am as a person. All these problems happened with my family when we moved to the U.S.

When I first came here I met a girl and that’s what made my problems worse. It seemed everything was good in the beginning but first impressions aren’t always what they seem. We were two different people. There is a saying ‘opposites attract”. But in this relationship it didn’t come out this way. We argued all the time and there was constant fighting and all it did was make things worse. We were both physically and verbally hurting one another and the anger built up more towards other people. For example, when my mother and I would disagree I would take my temper out on her. I would throw phones, break anything in sight, punch walls and yell at everyone.

Drinking became a big part of my life for some reason. It helped the pain to go away and all my problems just went away for now. I thought drinking would somehow solve my problems but it only lasted for a little while. It ends up drinking made me meaner and made it worse. Drinking influenced me to hang out with the wrong crowd. The crowd I am talking about are the people who did drugs but at that time I was smart enough to not try them. Thank God I didn’t do any drugs, otherwise I would be in deeper trouble. This is just a little piece of information of why I was an angry person. I think I’ve said enough to make you understand why I did all the things I’ve done in the past.

During my three years of probation I took twenty-six anger management classes. In those classes they showed us how to handle our anger. In my case these classes didn’t help me as much as I thought they would. After anger management I began to take meditation classes. For the first couple of days I didn’t know what to expect. What I mean by this was how is closing your eyes for fifteen to twenty minutes going to help me control my temper? I guess you could say I didn’t plan on taking these classes seriously.

After listening to my teacher Mr. Fahruk and watching the different video tapes I started to believe these classes would help me. What meditation did for me is to calm me down and make me enjoy the finer things of life. An example would be getting along with my mother. We don’t fight anymore, and we do things together. Since meditating I have been taking my mother out to dinner. I spent my Christmas with her. Before meditation I would always be going to parties. Whenever I had money I would drink or go to parties. I would go out in the evenings, drink, and sometimes would stay away from home for three or four days. Now I am usually at home in the evenings and am in bed by 9:30 p.m. I watch TV at home with my girlfriend, cook supper, do the dishes and clean the house. I even take the trash out—something I never did in my entire life! (My mother or my brother or ex-girlfriend did this.)

Meditation has helped me in other ways. For two and half years I have been bulimic. My ex-girlfriend taught me to do this and both of us did it to not put on weight. After 8 weeks in the meditation program I stopped doing this. I have no idea why I stopped doing this but I just stopped.

I never stayed with any job because of my drinking and bad temper. These classes made me feel motivated by getting up in the mornings and want to go to work. It has actually taught me to take responsibility in life and trust other people. A great quote says:”treat someone the same way you would want to be treated.” My life really got back on track after participating in meditation classes. I found a part of myself I really never found before. I believe I will continue to meditate after this course is over. It would be a great gift if everyone who had the same problem as me to have meditation at home on TV.


There are so many thoughts and opinions I have but it would be too much to write. I want to thank my judge for sending me to these classes. I would also like to thank Mr. Fahruk and Mr. John, my friend Lawrence and my Probation Officer Paul S. for always telling me to do the right thing and for keeping me out of trouble. A special thanks to Mr. Maharishi for making this program available.










Excerpts from Essays

And if a lot more people attended the classes, there might be less people in jail.

Larry W.



Just after a few meetings with the class I started to feel a change.  I was more peaceful and calm with myself.  I am able to think before I react to a situation or problem. 

Larry W.


Before TSM I was a very nervous person, never happy and always angry. But since TSM, it’s like a light has been turned on. I’m always happy. 

Joe M.


Before meditation, it was hard balancing all my talents, my job, and my family.  It was just too much trouble and stress outside my door waiting for me.  This class is helping me structure my life how I know it can be.

Stephen K.


But I would recommend this [TSM] program to those who have anger problems, and to all addicted.  This should be stipulated in everyone who is incarcerated and those being released.

William B.




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