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An Alternative Sentencing Program
utilizing the Transcendental Stress Management®  program for Rehabilitation and Criminal Justice Reform




Senator the Honorable
Rita Heard Days, Missouri Senate



Senator the Hon. Rita Heard Days, Missouri Senate

"As a state, we have tried various programs to try to reduce recidivism in our criminal justice system but these have not worked.  We have been doing much of the same thing and we continue to get the same results.  That is not good enough!  It is time for us to step "out of the box” and embrace ideas that may not be familiar.  That is the purpose of The Enlightened Sentencing Project.  It offers an alternative to re-incarceration.  We cannot continue to repeat ideas that have been ineffectual; and we only get the same outcomes.  In our society, we have to move beyond the notion that behavior is only modified externally.  From the continued growth of the prison population, we know that incarceration has not led us to improvement.  Offenders have to change behaviors because they feel the need from within.

I have attended many graduation ceremonies with TESP and it is unbelievable how each student has the same reaction to the meditation and how it has changed their lives.  They are proud of their accomplishments and are not intimidated about letting others know how their lives have changed.

I am hopeful that we can avoid the first contact with "the system”  thereby reducing the need to use TESP as a last resort.

Based on my personal and observed experience with The Enlightened Sentencing Project to date, I strongly endorse this project.

August 1, 2005















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