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An Alternative Sentencing Program
utilizing the Transcendental Stress Management® (TSM) program for Rehabilitation and Criminal Justice Reform



Bill Montgomery, M.A., LPC, CCJP, PPO II
Liaison Officer between the Department of Probation and Parole,
St Louis, MO, and TESP


 Liaison Officer between the Dept. of Probation & Parole & TESP

Mr. Bill Montgomery was appointed the Liaison Officer between the Department of Probation and Parole in St Louis, Missouri, and The Enlightened Sentencing Project in November 2008.  We congratulate Mr. Montgomery on his new appointment.  He succeeds Mr. Dave Jennings and Mr. Marc Weiter who served in the same position for many years, assisting TESP.  Mr. Daniel Spring was the first Liaison Officer.

Personal Endorsement

The Enlightened Sentencing Project welcomes Mr. Montgomery, who has been practicing the Transcendental Stress Management program for over 30 years!  He is a long-standing meditator and can vouch for the benefits of the program personally.

Read Mr. Montgomery's personal endorsement of The Enlightened Sentencing Project and the Transcendental Stress Management program here.





 Dave Jennings
Probation and Parole Officer




Probation Officer Dave Jennings

Mr. Dave Jennings is the Probation and Parole Officer of the Department of Probation and Parole in St Louis, Missouri, who acts as Liaison Officer between the Department and The Enlightened Sentencing Project.


"After working with many treatment centers throughout my time with Probation and Parole, I have observed that most treatments offered are reactive in nature.  The Enlightened Sentencing Project is such a success because it is proactive in nature.  It has long-lasting positive effects on the offenders who practice the program taught by The Enlightened Sentencing Project.  It is the only program where the offenders actually thank the judges for sending them to this form of treatment.” 





Daniel Spring
Probation and Parole Officer


Mr. Daniel Spring describes the challenges he faces on the job and how the TSM technique has helped him and his clients:

"Stress is our biggest problem.  Probation Officers (POs) are poised on the front lines of all social maladies.  They are a buffer between the dark underworld and free society.  POs are required to make home visits on their clients.  Police officers doing the same job wear bullet-proof vests.  We POs sometimes carry firearms.  Additionally, our case loads are heavy, wages low and measurable success in our field is elusive.  Offenders know these weaknesses and play off on them to continue their learned self-defeating behaviors.

Stress is what capsizes an Officer’s resolve and morale on the job.  Since starting the TSM technique, I feel better able to cope with stress on the job and personally.  My experience has been positive.  I feel connected to my purpose.  I feel a connection with the community I serve.  I enjoy being a Probation Officer now more than ever.

I enjoy exchanging personal experiences with the offenders.  TSM establishes common ground between PO and offender.  I get the chance to relate in an open, enthusiastic and caring way.  I’ve been able to do “anti-criminal” modeling.  The Enlightened Sentencing Project gives me the opportunity to demonstrate and reinforce positive alternatives to pro-criminal styles of life.  The TESP offenders observe warmth, enthusiasm, genuineness and honesty in me. My job has also become more fulfilling as I see offenders actually becoming rehabilitated by the end of the course with The Enlightened Sentencing Project.”   


Rosalyn Morgan
Probation and Parole Officer



Probation Officer Rosalyn Morgan  fully endorses the program offered by The Enlightened Sentencing Project.   PO Rosalyn Morgan made a stirring appeal to fellow officers at the meeting with Hon. Judge Henry Autrey on May 6th, 2002, to learn the program themselves and to encourage their clients to do the same.



"The Enlightened Sentencing Project has a wonderful program and I don't know how we can enlighten our own department as to the good that it does.  Unfortunately, we throw good money after a lot of programs that don't work because we are insistent on using a punitive approach.


The best thing I can do when I have someone assigned to The Enlightened Sentencing Project is to ensure that they keep their appointments for checking and attend their meetings regularly.  If I can make the offender another successful person then this adds to the numbers who have been sentenced by one of the judges to this program.  This gives us a better comparison of those who have this program and those who don't.  


We can say "This works and why aren't we using something that works?"  This program affects not only the money that the Department of Corrections spends but also represents savings to the community as a whole.


There are some real good judges behind this program.  We also have some real good probation officers behind this program.  There are some POs who resist this program but the numbers of POs supporting this program is fast growing and we will prevail because what's true will prevail.” 






Jolene Daley, Probation and Parole Officer
Dept. of Probation and Parole, Missouri


Probation Officer Jolene Daley tells of her experience with the TSM program:

"I supervise the mentally ill clients who are living in the Eastern area of the City of St  Louis, and are on Probation or Parole.  These clients are a real challenge because of their special needs.  Often they are treated as outcasts, and have no support from family or friends.  As a result, their attitudes are often very negative, and they are very mistrustful of people in general.

I have found that ever since I began using the TSM technique, I have been more patient and positive when dealing with my clients.  In addition, I am able to be more relaxed and focused when talking with them during an office visit.  My attitude gives them a feeling of self worth, which in turn starts them back on the path of gaining self confidence.  The result is less arrests, less drug usage, and less criminal activity.  At this point, my clients and I are now working as a team to make positive changes in their lives.

If I have a client who has been assigned to The Enlightened Sentencing Project, I try to impress on them how fortunate they are to have the opportunity to learn this valuable tool for enriching and changing their lives.  Most of them already realize this, as evidenced by their inspiring essays which they write at the completion of their TSM course.” 

November 18, 2002

















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